Geocaching – high-tech treasure hunt with GPS

Outdoor fun using GPS

Find hidden treasures at extraordinary places in Gastein Valley, now also with the help of a global positioning system (GPS) and precise coordinates. Hunt for your first, or perhaps your one hundredth geocache, and embark on a great adventure. A whole new way to get to know the special locations and nature throughout Gastein. Discover landmarks you never even knew existed, cleverly concealed containers; geocaches just waiting to be found by you personally. No doubt there are some close to where you are right now. After all, there are millions of concealed geocaches worldwide.

Family holidays with geocaching – hike, solve puzzles, find treasures

How does treasure hunting in Salzburg work?

So, you think that hiking is boring for kids? No way! As early as the Easter holidays, when the first snow begins to melt, or over Whitsuntide, the hiking season begins for geocachers. And as with so many things, doing it together is even more fun. The principle is quite simple. Somebody hides something, the so-called “geocache”, and you have to find it. But not like in the olden days, with an X marked on a treasure map. Totally modern, totally digital. The hider publishes the precise coordinates of his hidden stash on the Internet. Then all you have to do is register and begin your search. With your phone or a GPS device, you will enjoy a hike as you navigate closer and closer to the correct coordinates.

Of course, here at hotel “DerSALZBURGERHOF” you are welcome to borrow the necessary GPS equipment. The objects you are looking for will vary considerably. Big, small, various shapes and sizes, and not always easy to find. Which simply adds to the joy when you finally find it, enter your name in the logbook and exchange small objects with some of your own. When you are done, you will log your find on your phone or GPS, then put the item back into its hideaway for the next person to discover.