Action for Kids at the Schlossalm

Run. Play. Jump. Climb. Slide. – children’s playground at 2,050 meters above sea level

Children get to experience holidays based at our hotel that are filled with non-stop excitement. Ride the funicular or the gondola lift up “Family Mountain” and the Schlossalm. Action, adventure and fun close to the mountain station. In the kids’ area, the youngsters can release all of their boundless energy at various play stations. And try something new. Perhaps work on their balancing skills in the region’s highest slackline park. Clamber high above the ground. Crawl deep into tunnels. Or put their courage to the test on the Gorilla Slide. And what about mom and dad in the meantime? How about chillin’ at the Kleine Scharte mountain restaurant? Enjoy Kaiserschmarrn-style pancakes, coffee and glorious views out across the entire Gastein Valley.

Monster Scooters & Mountain Carts – ultra-cool downhilling in Bad Hofgastein

Wind whistling past your ears: from the Schlossalm down to the mid-station

They are the most popular attraction on the mountain. Guided tours on monster scooters and mountain carts. Pure action and great fun! And no shortage of adrenaline, especially when you are hurtling down the hillside. The wind in your hair. You set out from the Schlossalm mountain terminal and finish up at the lift mid-station. Children and adults alike: laughter, fun and adventure are a source of constant excitement for everyone. An extraordinary ride. Totally cool. Experienced guides accompany groups of up to 26 people. No problem, in other words, if you want to enjoy a ride with your whole family, friends and acquaintances. Children ages 10 and up are welcome to participate. The mountain cart, guide, sports equipment etc. are included in the price, of course.

The guided tours can be booked between 20 June and 20 September, four times during the day: at 10:30, 12:30, 1:30 and 3 o’clock. Additional information and registration through Intersport Fleiss at the mountain terminal, Tel. +43 6432 7218-40.

Guided Off-Road Scooter Tours on the Fulseck

11.4 km of enjoyment, one of the longest downhill scooter rides in the Alps

Walking was yesterday. Today, it’s all about riding mountain scooters. Through the heart of Gastein’s beautiful Alpine world. That unbeatable downhill feeling for everyone ages 10 and up, no prior experience necessary. Thanks to the incredibly stable construction of a mountain scooter. The fun gets going at the valley station of the Dorfgastein mountain lifts. At Sport Egger, to be precise. There, all participants receive their equipment. However, everyone needs to bring along their own sturdy shoes and weatherproof clothing. We will then ride to the top of the 2,033 m-high Fulseck together. Then it’s time to count down with the guide, 3…2…1… and let the downhill action begin!

Info and registration through Sport Egger in Dorfgastein, Tel. +43 6433 7633.

Slackline Park & Highline – Kleine Scharte mountain terminal/Schlossalm

4 meters-high highline & gigantic slackline course for big & small

Fun on the slackline course. Guests, big and small, can look forward to exciting, variety-packed challenges in the fresh mountain air. Ideal for beginners, athletes and pros. Balance, coordinate and concentrate. Faster is almost always better. A perfect way to combine enjoyment with working on your own body control, and improving your fitness for skiing, snowboarding, freestyling, climbing, hiking, biking, and all other sports that demand a good sense of balance. And most importantly of all: it’s just great fun. A way to spend time on your own, with family or friends. High above the treetops. Fresh mountain air and rays of sunshine tickling your skin.

3D Archery Trail in Angertal and Bad Gastein

Family day: a “hunting expedition” with bow and arrow

Shooting bows and arrows on a 3D course in Angertal or in Bad Gastein. A different way to escape the usual daily routine. The trail takes you along an idyllic forest path. There, you will be able to take aim at 16 lifelike 3D animal targets with your bow and arrow. Who is the best shot in the group? A bear, deer, grouse, fox and more are just waiting for you. But it’s tougher than it looks. Beginners will receive free helpful coaching from the staff of the HUNTING BOW COURSE. Take a few practice shots to warm up, then, armed with the right equipment, begin tracking down your “prey”. A great way to sharpen your concentration and accuracy. “DerSALZBURGERHOF” wishes you lots of great fun.

Info and registration through:

  • Bad Gastein Hunting-Bow Course, Tel. +43 699 1828 8802
  • Angertal Hunting-Bow Course, Tel. +43 664 5878144