Yoga in Gastein – heeding your self

Yoga for body, mind and soul.

Gastein Valley becomes the “Source of Inspiration”

A variety-filled yoga program, anti-stress offers, philosophical and creative events such as dance-, writing- and singing seminars, will make “Yoga in Gastein – source of inspiration”  a unique holiday experience.

Return from your holiday to daily life with a whole array of new sensations, ideas and energy: This is the goal which unites all events during Autumn Yoga in Gastein, which will take place from 12 to 21 October 2018 throughout Gastein Valley, including the towns of Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein and Dorfgastein. “Autumn Yoga” will do complete justice to the event title “Source of Inspiration” for ten whole days. Numerous creative, sporting, musical, health-focused and philosophical courses, seminars and workshops will supplement the core yoga theme.

The complete program for all courses at all participating hotels in Gastein, along with ongoing updates, can be found online at:

When you book a room at our hotel, the yoga sessions are included free of charge!
Simply ask for details. We look forward to having you join us!

Recharge your inner batteries. Find peace. Take time. Allow your strength to flow. Yoga Days has turned Gastein Valley into a very popular yoga destination. Treat your soul to a very special holiday. Including exercise and peace. Being balanced. During “Yoga in Gastein” from 20 to 29 October 2017. A perfect way to experience yoga for the first time. Or immerse yourself in it even more deeply. And do it time and again.

“DerSALZBURGERHOF” is a premium partner of Yoga Days. Which means, you and all guests of Haus Aurora Apartments can attend as many yoga courses as you wish.

Tickets,  Prices for Yoga Lessons and Hotel Rooms

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